Training & Lessons

Training: For 1:1 horse training, our trainer is willing to work with horses of all ages and experience. However, Ramblin Gypsy Ranch prefers to get in front of horses at a young age to prevent bad habits before they’ve been set in. Lindsey sets aside personal daily time in order to find the exact needs of your horse, and helps your horse discover the best path to gain knowledge, exposure and experience to accomplish the task in front of them. 

Lesson: Lindsey enjoys working with riders of all ages and skill levels and loves to see riders accomplish their goals. She encourages riders to set goals for themselves and their horse to strive to obtain through our program, which will set direction and for riders to get the most out of their training. Ramblin Gypsy Ranch offers lessons for riders and owners looking to improve their performance in the styles of Western, English, and Trail riding styles. Rider lessons of this sort are available for beginning through advanced riders. To ensure the promise of high-quality lessons, Ramblin Gypsy Ranch will only hold lessons for private, solo riding with you and your horse to best assist rider and horse training and communication.

Our riding and training facilities include both an indoor and outdoor ring as well as open acreage riding areas for the horses.

Lesson & Training Rates

Our lesson policies are unique to the riding time and frequency of the training agreement that we work together on. For any and all lesson & training policies, please give us a call about your inquired booking!