Ramblin’ Gypsy Ranch Females

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Rambler “LF Ramblin Gypsy”

Birthdate: September 6th, 2014

Rambler is an AKC registered Dark Gold Mahogany (gold) Golden Retriever with a heart of gold. Her American style sleekness with wonderful sturdy build has made her the unbelievable dog she is. Rambler on average stands around 78#. Rambler is officially retired but has been a wonderful mother and grandmother over the years and is looking forward to her days of future grandmother only status. She is an amazing hunter, very in tuned to her surroundings, has a fantastic nose and quick retrieval skills. She is incredibly smart and loves problem solving. She is a mother true to heart keeping everyone in check and making sure her daughters are taking care of their litters the way they are suppose to. Rambler is truly my heart dog as well, and knows her role as princess in our household. Rambler has good hips and normal elbow OFA.  Rambler has produced some incredible hunters and service dogs; and is also the mother of Drifter, Pocket, Misfit and Uriah.

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Drifter “LF Jasper’s Driftin Gypsy”

Birthdate: April 1st, 2017
Rambler X Jasper "LF Jasper Tracks"

Drifter is an AKC registered Gold Golden Retriever who will do anything to serve. Drifter weighs in at about 68#. Her most important thing in life is her people are taken care of them no matter what! She is there whether you are in need or not. If you drop something she is there to pick it up (even prior to being asked), if one of the dogs take something they shouldn’t she is there to bring it back, if you lost something she is right there nose to the ground to find it no matter what it is. She has an unbelievable nose she follows. She is incredibly in tune to everything happening around her and holds her babysitting status in high regard. Drifter is a dog you can feel her every emotion in how much she actually cares. She has passed both hips and elbows OFA. Drifter has produced some amazing service dogs and hunters passing on her vast skills. She is the best of both worlds from her parents Rambler and Jasper. Drifter, now retired, is the mother of both Rebel and Hooligan.


PickPocket “LF Pockets Full of Gypsies to Pick”

Birthdate: February 28th, 2020
Rambler X "Bull Dozer"

Pick Pocket is an AKC registered Dark Gold Golden Retriever, who is super enthusiastic about everything in life. She brings loads of energy and smiles to our world, and the friendships she creates mean the absolute most to her. She loves to fetch, run and given the opportunity will kiss your entire face. Also known as Pocket. Pocket is an agile 70#. Her best friend is her younger sister, Uriah, although she thinks her boyfriend, Tramper, is pretty cool to hang out with as well. Her and Uriah’s biggest job on the farm is keeping the cats all in line and where they are suppose to be. Pocket has completed and passed her OFA for hips, elbows, heart, and eyes.

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Uriah “LF Victory to the Gypsy Queen”

Birthdate: October 8th, 2020
Rambler X "Victory Bear Blue"

Uriah is an AKC registered Light Gold Golden Retriever, who loves to be involved. She absolutely loves being the first to play fetch and races hard to get the ball/toy/dummy/whatever you throw before anyone else gets the chance. Wrestling around with her sisters is her next favorite activity, although spending time with family brings her great joy as well. Uriah is a sturdy 84#. Uriah has completed and passed her OFA for hips, elbows, heart, and eyes.


Rebel "LF Driftin Through Rocky Times"

Birth Date: July 10th, 2022
Drifter X Rocky

Rebel is an AKC registered English Cream (light gold) Golden Retriever. This 60# little stocky girl is one of a kind. She is adventurous and creative, with goals she sets for herself and is driven to complete, which brings her much pride. She absolutely loves being acknowledged as the good big dog she believes she is. Her striking looks are hard to ignore as she struts past. Once old enough she will be tested for her OFAs and ready to pass on her strong genes.


Hooligan "Rockin' with a Driftin' Gypsy"

Birth Date: September 14, 2023
Drifter X Rocky

Hooligan is an AKC registered English Cream (Light Gold) Golden Retriever. She is a fun loving girl who is thrilled to play with her sister, aunts and rest of the family. She loves to learn and takes full advantage of her snuggle times. She naturally has a very soft mouth as she picks up everything she finds to bring to you for inspection. In her down time she enjoys watching tv and playing with her toys as she lounges in her bed. We look forward to our newest prospect to our program and all the joys she will bring.

Rambler and Hooligan