Golden Retrievers

Your Quality Golden Retriever Breeder in Faribault, MN.

We take pride in breeding quality Golden Retriever’s in Faribault, MN. All our golden retriever puppies are AKC registerable and vaccinated with age-appropriate vaccines, dewormed multiple times and vet checked by our local veterinary experts. Our golden retriever puppies come microchipped for the best identification protection. We make sure each and every single puppy has tons of individual attention with socializing and handling with family of all ages as well as with other animals, such as cats, dogs, cattle and horses. 

Puppy packs include AKC paperwork, AKC issued pedigrees, veterinary records, as well as medical information, training information and identification paperwork. Puppy packs also contain Diamond brand puppy food, a blanket, treats, toys and tags. 

We’d love to work with you on finding your best friend, so we try hard to help you find the perfect pup to compliment your life. We do everything we can to make things remain fair for everyone, so picking order goes in order of the holding fees we obtain. We also supply lots of pictures as our pups prepare themselves to meet you; so please supply a good phone number that will receive pictures and videos. Our unique program caters to many needs which allows our pups to fit into many opportunities in life. Many of our pups have had the ability to serve as service dogs in many different lines of work, including disabilities, veteran, nursing and children’s homes, etc., as well as become phenomenal hunters, and dedicated companions.

Please take the time to review our Golden Retriever links below, and reach out to schedule a consultation on our upcoming litters.

Our Dogs:

For the safety of our breeding stock as well as our customers, at Ramblin Gypsy Ranch all our stud & female Golden Retriever breeding stock is tested and cleared negative for Brucellosis prior to every breeding. Our dogs are fully vaccinated for Rabies, DHPP, Leptospirosis as well as Lyme, and kept on heartworm, internal parasites and flea and tick preventatives over the course of the entire year. Our dogs are all kept at peak health with great help from our wonderful qualified, local, professional veterinarians.

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