A Little Bit About Me, Lindsey Fandrup and my 25+ Years of Experience.

I originated from a background of hardworking farming individuals. I grew up working on horse farms, dairy farms, and on the side my dad and I raised milk calves to feeder cattle. I have always had golden retrievers in my life, as part of our family, as well as my dad hunted with them extensively. Tucker, whom I received in 1997, was my first own stud dog. He traveled with me throughout my adventures and proved exactly what it is we all have come to love of the Golden Retriever breed. 

When I was younger showing Dairy cattle through open shows and 4H, as well as my horses, Chase, Gypsy and Ginger, in every show I could, became a huge part of my life and my development of the dedication to animals. I graduated from UWRF with a Bachelor of Animal Science as well as a second Bachelor of Arts degree. I’ve lived in Minnesota, Colorado and Wisconsin. Out of school I trained horses full time, prior to becoming a veterinary technician.  

Since starting Ramblin’ Gypsy Ranch LLC, in 2013, our family has grown and we are fortunate to be family owned and operated. We hope to expand your family as well with a wonderful new addition of a Golden Retriever puppy. In addition to providing Golden Retriever puppies, Ramblin Gypsy Ranch also provides horse training, horse riding lessons, and Beef Steer sales in Faribault, MN.